Swivel Armchair by Arthur Umanoff for Madison Furniture


Swivel armchair by Arthur Umanoff for Madison Furniture. Upholstered in maharam tonica rust fabric.  Price is per chair.  ( SIX AVAILABLE )

28.5 in.Hx22.25 in.Wx23 in.D

New upholstery in excellent condition. The bases are in very good original condition with only minor wear associated with normal use. Please see pictures.

Arthur Umanoff 

Umanoff graduated from Pratt University in the early 50's

His very first furniture designs were produced by Post Modern Ltd a company he was a partner in in the early 50's. At the very start of his career he was involved in all phases of the design process from concept to prototyping and use testing through to merchandising and marketing. These Post Modern Ltd designs were marketed and distributed by Elton, along with work by Tony Paul.

In 1954 he started designing for Shaver Howard producing the Wrought Iron and Wooden Slat chairs, tables bars and bar carts for which he is best known. He will continue designing for Shaver Howard through to the 70's.

In 1961 Storkline Inc. took Umanoff's designs for Shaver Howard and produced them in reduced scale as children's furniture, the furniture line was called "Little Shavers". Umanoff got a little flack in the press for this line as included amongst the pieces was a miniaturized version of one of his wrought iron and rattan bars. Umanoff defended this saying that it was a "milk bar"

His work with Madison Furniture Industries starts in 1963.

His clock designs for the Howard Miller Clock Co. first appear in 1964

During the 70's his designs are produced by an increasing number of companies including Directional, Thonet, Dillingham Furniture, Rouse/Jackson and David Morgan.

He was very good friends with Tony Paul and Ben Seibel.

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